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A Heap of bat houses delivered

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Nov 12, 2021


Twenty-four Bat Houses for University of the Free State Qwa Qwa Campus ready to be deployed en masse to various participating fruit farms and schools within our Eastern Free State district.

Four 4 Chamber Bat Houses, a Spotted Eagle Owl- and Barn Owl Nest Boxes ready to be delivered via courier to the Celebration Retirement Estate in North Riding on the outskirts of Johannesburg.

Three double 4 Chamber Bat Houses destined for a Citrus farm in the district of Munnik, Limpopo. One black and one rustic house will be mounted back to back between two gumpoles. At the back and top end of each house is a 25mm wide slot that will allow bats to move between the houses if they so desire.
The black house attracts heat in winter conditions whilst the rustic house is considerably cooler and the bats can decide which condition suits best.
The houses will be attached to another using custom made steel straps that are screwed to another and bolted to the gum poles to provide additional sturdiness.

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