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– The Batty Eagle Man

Black Eagle Roodekrans

Establish the extent of the territorial boundaries of the Roodekrans Verreaux’s (Black) Eagles Aquila verreauxii.

Owl Nest Box

We need to explore avenues to promote owl awareness amongst the farming community.

Rock Hyrax Capture & Reintroduction

The reason why we captured and reintroduced the Rock Hyrax was to assist the Roodekrans Verreaux’s (Black) Eagles.

African Fish Eagle Behavioural Studies

Territorial Boundaries of the Roodekrans Black Eagles.

Meyer’s Farm Verreaux’s Eagles

Construction of the Siyavaya Nest on Meyers’ Farm.

Clarens Raptor Observation

Search and locate nesting sites of specifically Black Eagles, not excluding sites of medium and large birds of prey. 

About Bo

Raptor Conservation Projects (RCP) 

Ill at ease with the long-term negative impact that is associated with continued artificial supplementation and in October 2000, I resigned from the BEPR and initiated our own project known as the RCP to determine what natural species prevailed and the abundance thereof within the eagles’ greater home range.

Raptor Conservation Projects from 1993-2021→

Black Eagle Project Roodekrans 1993-1999 & 2007-2015

 Owl Nest Box Project 1995 →

 Rock Hyrax Capture & Reintroduction 2002-2008

 African Fish Eagle Behavioural Studies 2004-2015

 Meyer’s Farm Verreaux’s Eagles 2007-2019

 Little Falls Wildlife Reserve 2007-2008

 Owl Poisons Awareness Campaign 2014 →

 Bat House Supplies & Installations 2016 →

 Wildlife Raptor Reptile Rescue Action Group 2018 →

 Bug & Insect Houses 2021→

 Clarens Raptor Observation Project 2021→

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+27 (79) 505-6419


Bat house

In an effort to create awareness and appreciaton for bats, tiny bat houses will be built and erected. Once the bat families start to move in, their activities can be monitored and studied. If you need a bat house to be erected in your vicinity, call or message me.

Bug & Insect Houses

Insect hotels are popular amongst gardeners and fruit and vegetable growers due to their role encouraging insect pollination. If you need a bug or insect house to be erected in your vicinity, call or message me.

Owl Nesting Box

We need to explore avenues to promote owl awareness amongst the farming community. Building and erecting owl nest boxes could grant the opportunity to observe and study them. 


We are grateful to our sponsors, Bolt and Engineering Distributors, who so graciously supply the material for our bathouses! Thank you for your support, guys!


Newsletter January 2022
Newsletter January 2022

Quite an interesting month with which to start off the New Year in that we received a suspected poisoned Spotted Eagle Owl that was picked up sitting on the side of the road by Grant Martin, who was actually on his way to a business meeting in Puthaditjhaba in the...

Clarens Wildlife Interest Group
Clarens Wildlife Interest Group

The objective is to create a group for everyone who is interested in our local wildlife. We (Bo and Les) plan to include all things wild on several outings.  Introduction  Bo van der Lecq – I have approximately 32 years’ experience in birds of prey conservation and...

Owl & Poisons Awareness Campaign
Owl & Poisons Awareness Campaign

Introduction: Since the establishment of Raptor Conservation Projects in January 2000, numerous projects have been established that includes the monitoring and conservation of large birds of prey species within our urban, rural and agricultural environment.  A...

office hours

M-F: 8am - 3:30pm


Swartland, Clarens, 9707




+27 (79) 505-6419